knex m4 carbine

here is my m4 carbaine every knexer has ever made a m4 carbine but i don't so here is my m4 and now i'm a noob anymore wahahahah myself i really like it and maby i gona post this

Picture of knex m4 carbine
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An Villain5 years ago
Maybe a little big for an M4, but it's just right for a 417.
poserboy1237 years ago
whats up with the mag?
dutchwarlord (author)  poserboy1237 years ago
he is a little big
because i wanted a yellow rod mag      
knexnooby9 years ago
i think its ugly to big mag i think it shoot yellow rods it has a low range i think
Did you build? because if you didnt, then you cant judge on the range or power and in the opinion of everybody exept you who posted a comment on this page, this is one of the best looking knex M4 replica EVER!!! You probably just dont like the look of M4s
check out my M4
ILIKEPIE3338 years ago
make the stock a leeeeetle beeeet taller at the end
CraigDH8 years ago
that mag is wayyyyyyy over the top
dutchwarlord (author)  CraigDH8 years ago
i known but i'll want a yellow rod mag so why it is so big
.223 in civilian
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