knex pistols

knex pistols

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Mepain9 years ago
knex maddo (author)  Mepain9 years ago
well u see i am new and i dont no what to do hey that was a rhym im a poet and i didn't know it !!! plz reply

go to that instructable. it will tell you what to do if you are new.

first you should probely instrduce your self. make some small gun like killerks pistol. comment on the guns. tell them mods you made on it to make it work better, look coller, better range, or any thing else you can think of. then make a gun. but dont just make a small gun in 5 sec and post it. make a prity good gun, try to make it have a true triger, or have ot demistrate a new way to make the gun work.

also do not leave negative comments for your first comments. if you do people will hate you. you can leave comments that tell something you did not like about the gun, but dont say anything like "i hate this gun because it has a block triger"

if you follow that you should be fine. i hope this helps.
knex maddo (author)  dsman1952769 years ago
no prob
Well, that actually doesn't rhyme. KnoW and do have different pronounciations.
knex maddo (author)  Dutchj9 years ago
its actuly new and do see i done it again
Danny Mepain9 years ago