knex power guns

what is the most powerful knex gun for people with limited knex I have got only two kits and the guns i create suck. mecmac97

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quaheezle6 years ago
a good knex gun is this
the instructions will come out
then8 years ago
You could use just one peice (if you have a good throwing arm)

thats a joke,the dd-27 is a good gun.

About how many peices do you have?
DJ Radio9 years ago
the DD-27 is powerful, and doesnt use a lot of parts. If you want to use less parts than that, go with my sniper
mecmac97 (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
which one? (dd_27)
this one:
actually search up DD-27 pistol mod that cuts out all of the parts not really needed and leaves you with the bare essentials. That uses barely any pieces.
yeah, I can build that one....lolz
Masterdude9 years ago
I made a slide show with some knex guns I made. The rifle is very strong and you could probably make it.