knex revolver

this is my knex revolver, should i post instuctable?

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sprite9398 years ago
post instructions it looks easy and cool
he shouldnt.
Aeshir10 years ago
Do deconstruction guns actually work good?
no, they dont... they fire at MOST 10 feet.
I've never had any K'NEX gun fire more than ten feet.
mine never seem to go into cardbord it is the small block trigers that work for me.
are u serios?! Many people including me ave guns that can shoot over 100
!? maybe your rubberbands just suck... :P
No, I put tons on too. There's always too much friction in the barrel against the firing pin. The K'NEX slide gun works good though, because there's almost no friction at all because of the short barrel.
Kaiven Aeshir10 years ago
if your pieces are old, the barrel might be crooked on the inside. that happened to my friend. you'll need to buy new pieces.
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