knex saw rollercoaster

this saw the ride from thorpe park. it is a micro knex coaster. it has the blades on it that almost cut your face open and the car misses them by under a inch!!!!!!!!! (or 2cm). unfortunatly it currently has no chain on but it used to and it worked fine with it. should i post instructions???  ps. this has nothing to do with saw but has anyone ever seen a girl knexer that is actually good?? if you do want instructions you can have them for this or my new safe.(knex bank style safe)

bbt5677 years ago
you need to put out instructions im a huge saw fan a knex coaster after thats awesome!!!!
slithien (author)  bbt5677 years ago
Sorry but i have already taken it down as it took up to much room so no instructions.
slithien (author) 7 years ago
sorry people but no instructions as i have started a huge never done before knex project.
~KGB~7 years ago