knex seige weapons and crossbows

post ideas of seige weapons and crossbows here. and can som one post that crossbow thats on the avatar of the group. o and take a look at my catapolt i posted it.

Picture of knex seige weapons and crossbows
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Seleziona8 years ago
reviving old post!!!!
Good job....
TheDunkis9 years ago
I'm thinking on coming up with a semi auto cross bow (yeah...seems strange right?)...well it will kinda be like a rubberband crossbow hybrid and then I could easily add a magezine...I havn't seen any cross bows that at least have a magezine.
 have seen m,y new repeating crossbow? :)

please check it out!
ky1249 years ago
So killer k if there are then where are they
lol they are everywhere.... use that little thing called search up there
Enzo5510 years ago
Here is a idea. A crossbow that shoots knex arrows made only out of knex stuff. And a knex rifle that ejects knex shells.
killer k (author)  Enzo5510 years ago
dude look around there are plenty of those man
Kaiven10 years ago
that picture wasn't mine, i got it off iGoogle images, its a lego crossbow btw
killer k (author)  Kaiven10 years ago
o lol