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Oblivitus8 years ago
I'll be posting a slightly improved version of my OTTG1 with complete instructions eventually, I will rename it, probably as the "O2 Glock".
TheDunkis8 years ago
What's this? A new person who thinks he's all that? Nothing new, pal. DJ was the same way. Jammy was probably that way too. I was that way. Most were. You'll realise just how much your (your as in anyone in general) first guns suck when you get better. My stg44 and mini uzi are crap. I thought they were amazing when I first made them. I thought they may have even been better than most of the good people's guns.
I know why that is because there`s a lack of ideas and a lot of noobism going on nowadays.This is the thing everyone seems to forget i just joined the site in August ive been posting my first guns ever.I think theres alot of jealous people out there.My point is if this is what my guns are like just now think of that there going to be like when they get good.
I'm already starting to like you better than DJ. You're taking to criticism a lot faster.
Anyways like I said everyone thinks their guns are gold when first starting out. I thought my TDSs were awesome and a lot of new people would argue that they are but in my and most other experienced people's eyes they're nothing too special. Obviously you'll get better the longer you build so I do expect seeing some good things from you.
He hasn't taken your criticism into account though. If you look at his comments, he is always plotting against me, and actually starting arguments.
I actually saw IC spewing random crap on your Storn 220 v2 regarding your old argument with Zak.  I know you already know, but I thought I'd return the favor and help get his comments straight.
Maybe decent?
Thanks Dunkis.This is good constructive criticism.
DJ Radio8 years ago
That was an old gun by the way.  I'm much better now.  I must ask, though: do you ever tire of being a noob?
No(Not being one).That was an old gun im much better now.You haven`t answered my question yet.
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