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Oblivitus7 years ago
I'll be posting a slightly improved version of my OTTG1 with complete instructions eventually, I will rename it, probably as the "O2 Glock".
Do you have anything better to do than to spam your pistol on old topics?
wow...this is so familiar in some way. Oh yeah now I remember how...so ironic.
I sense hypocracy.
I sense a bunch of BS spilling out on a 1 year old topic.
Lol, there he is telling us to stop arguing and what is he doing?
I don't do it anymore. Please stop living in the past.
This coming from the KIer basher. I take it you've stopped now or at least that's what you'll tell me. Anyways my point is that I was doing the same thing when you first started. This guy could be like you some day. So don't assume that he's annoying and don't think I wasn't trying to help you or the community when I scolded you for anything.
The way I see it, I don't bash your site unless I am provoked. Ok fine, I see your point, but if that happens, he will come to hate what he was/did when he was new, just like I do.
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