knex sidearm contest

ok everyone.

post your best sidearm or build one!
you can enter every sidearm you want : a glock, oodammo, single shots
as long it is an sidearm.

if you can please make a vid

you win: a 5* on all your ibles+sub

the deadline is: 1 july

so please enter YOUR sidearm

current entrys:
thedunkis oodassault 3.6 and 3.7
djradio's jackal v4
knex gun builder's halo magnum
  dsman195276's sidearm
selonzia's pp2000

and the winner is...



Picture of knex sidearm contest
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knexfreak957 years ago
 does the side arm have to have a ible
matsermetsuiker (author)  knexfreak957 years ago
k thanks
matsermetsuiker (author)  knexfreak957 years ago
no thanks!
Masterdude7 years ago
I think I'll enter my MSAU. I'd enter my MSMG but I'm not sure whether it could be classified as a side arm.
There is no way in which that thing could be considered a side-arm.  A PDW maybe, but not a sidearm.
I think it could possibly pass but that is up to the creator of the contest. Also could you tell me what a "PDW" is because I am not acustomed to that term.
Personal Defense Weapon.

Like a P90 or a Magpul PDR.
I figured that one out before I looked at your comment.
I'm trying to work out a mech for a PDR, but I can't quite get a decent mech into the tiny stock.  :/
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