batlefield 2142 E.U. tank made with knex.

her is a tank that can go forward ,backwards and in circles. post a comment if you like it or want me to post. works best on hard wood floor or bed sheets. the pictures are so bad because I was in a hurry so... sorry. :( 1.front view 2.the behind view 3.the under side this tank was tough to build ,but its sweet.

Picture of batlefield 2142 E.U. tank made with knex.
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BrazenRain8 years ago
Enough procrastinating. It's done:
FrozenStar8 years ago
Awsome job now only if you could make the PAC hover tank...
heat-seeker8 years ago
those are cyber knex moters why cant you make it rc you should have the parts
the_burrito_master (author)  heat-seeker8 years ago
because I have no I idea how I only got the motors ad stuff no instructions. if you could show me I would like that. only I cut the lights off the big brain thingy for top thrill dragsters lights.
BrazenRain9 years ago
A bit of a status report on the instructable. I've been extremely busy lately with this (rather enjoyable) band program, and now a 3 week vacation. I've been able to use the weekend to catch up a bit, and now it's nearly completed. A few more steps and changes left, but I've run out of time. Expect a finished instructable 3 weeks from now, unless I perfect a newer version and decide to add it.
Bah, I remembered soon after I left, my dad suspended the cable and internet for 30 days, so it will be a week after I get back before I upload everything. Not sure of what date that suspension started from, but I'll get it done as soon as I can. By the way, greetings from Las Vegas (or rather, Nellis Air Force Base) lol.
the_burrito_master (author)  BrazenRain9 years ago
ok thanks lol yeah speaking of finishing long lost instructables I finished my bike ramp instructable.
bounty10129 years ago
I am also making a knex tank nice idea mine is similar but also different
the_burrito_master (author)  bounty10129 years ago
cool. will you post pictures some time?
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