knex targets

please anser yes or no to following questions: you want more knex targets? 2.would it be worth it to post my target? 3.would it be better to have more than 1 target on an istructable? 4.would you be willing to give ideas for me to put on to THAT instructable?

Picture of knex targets
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captianchase10 years ago
i would like 1+ on an instructable
ye i posted, at the min there are 2, and its a colaboration
ricky0207 (author) 10 years ago
ye am gona make a collaboration so outhers can add there targets
ok when? just asking
ricky0207 (author)  bobbyk88110 years ago
could do it now
lemonie10 years ago
I favour we need more targets to go with the proliferation of guns. Targets that tied into electric ignitors setting off flash powder, rockets etc. would be very cool (do it) L
ricky0207 (author)  lemonie10 years ago
ignitors: got em but where would you get flash powder (that would be safer than rockets indoors))
lemonie ricky020710 years ago
Well, you'd do it outdoors. For answers to falsh powder search this site (or Google it...) L
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