knex trebuchet

I have made a knex trebuchet which is about 3 feet in length and 2 ft in height. The frame is strong. It can fire quite far but I'll get measurements tomorrow It can fire anything that fill fit unfortunately it doesn't use weights as a power source due to having nothing that could be heavy enough to fire it so, I put loads of rubber bands on it. its fire using string which is attached to the projectile and the other end of the string is connected to the arm which when is up right the string detaches and the projectile is released. At the moment is can fire about 20ft and gets loads of air time. about posting this: I will test it tomorrow and iron out any problems and make it perform better. after all of that I will post it. my thoughts: I think this is the best trebuchet to be posted :)

Picture of knex trebuchet
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alexf14 years ago
knex_ftw7 years ago
Im currently building a trebuchet that looks about the same size. im going to try to get fiberglass rod for the throwing arm--lighter=longer throw. idk yet what to use for weight. trying to get highest weight possible without shattering the structure. any ideas? Oh adding wheels to the bottom of the treb makes the weight fall straighter, thus adding distance. great help!
kristiaan129 years ago
u need to make a video of the trebuchet in action
Kiteman9 years ago
I love the mixed measurements - one metre by two feet.
MI6 Kiteman9 years ago
lol NASA did that and wasted 4 years / soemthing like either 350 million of 3.5 billion dollars because one of their Mars missions crashed. Why ... they mixed inches with centimetres !
Kiteman MI69 years ago
It was a joint project, US & EU. The European scientists built their parts to metric units, the Americans to Imperial units - it all fitted together fine, so nobody noticed until the dual-source software got confused (I have a feeling that it measured the altitude in metres, but did the maths as if it was feet).
oh, yeah. that was funny. you would think that us americans would know alot of metric, too. i mean, i think i know more metric than alot of other americans.
lol, i remember that.
MI69 years ago
Idea - excellent. Your product - not so great. Needs to be more authentic - weight is the key !
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