knex tru triger rbg 1 shot with butterfly kife holder

hey i made this gun and its pretty sweet tell me if i should post but i cant seem to get my camera to show it fireing but its easy to use and put together it holds a knex butterfly knife in the front and a real butterfly kife in the handle so yeah its pretty sweet

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Wafflicious8 years ago
whyd u delete the video.
Hellchild9 years ago
dude what is wrong with your brother he acted so retarded. p.s.nice gun. p.p.s try to make a multi shot gun.
make the 2nd version of the butterfly knife
agreed. by the way nice gun/berreta
thebboy9 years ago
post. looks cool, although i probably wouldn't make it cuz i don't like rbg
Dutchj9 years ago
This is just... Well... Let's just say.... Okay, I pulled myself together: Single shot RBG's are useless, and everyone can make one that's true trigger. K'nex butterfly knifes are pretty darn useless as well. But I'll give you this, it looks cool. I don't think you need to post this, but the butterfly knife add-on is something new, so it's your decision. P.S. You could've cut the end ;)