knex vulcan mini gat

ok this will be the best thing out of knex,but i need some help.I have an idea for the gear box and twisting pivoting stand,but thats about it i want it to be like a real one with a mag 4-8 barrels that cock themselfs using a rail system so if you have any ideas(especialy knex masters like mepain mykhailo or killerk or any other person)please post soon i think i have an idea for a way to make it have only one mag wat will happen is at the end of the mag there will be a ledge that holds them in place then when the barrel comes around it can grab it with a special tooth attachment and then gravity will pull it down into the barrel(no idea on how to build yet) pic 1 real thing pic 2-3 gear box

Picture of knex vulcan mini gat
Photo 2.jpg
Photo 3.jpg
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DJ Radio9 years ago
:-( it doesnt look scary like the real thing
builder9689 years ago
i have th vulcan nerf gun. its frickin AWESOME!!!every time i fight with it, i win.
darth acexxacer (author)  builder9689 years ago
the vulcan nerf fails the bullet goes 10 feet
really?mine goes 30 feet or so with NO MODS!
darth acexxacer (author)  builder9689 years ago
well my friend told me that it fails i've never shot one myself so ya
maybe he got a defective one? it could be because if its low on batteries you only get one dart a second and the range is suckish if its low on batteries.
darth acexxacer (author)  builder9689 years ago
he said that he saw two of them and they were the same
tell him to replace the batteries, then
bakenbitz9 years ago
Here's what I have come up with, it isn't based off of that gun but I just thought I should put it here. It has a compact 18 barrel system.
Photo 64.jpg
MI6 bakenbitz9 years ago
That's really compact, looks good and sounds effective - you should post it.
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