knex wii zapper

This is my knex wii zapper. Soon i will make instructions for it. This will be my first instructable

Picture of knex wii zapper
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popomaster10 years ago
check out mine! its shotgun style. its in the forums
How do u find it
sorry, i got rid of it. No more knex stuff for me. I mean, it has been 2 years since i made that comment
waw8 years ago
I have build one similar and it works on call of duty world at war and medal of honor heroes 2.
mr. popo (author) 10 years ago
for some reason 2 came up
You can delete the second one, Mr Popo ;o) What are the Wii games that works with the zapper ?
the only one i know of is medal of honor heroes 2.
Vynash10 years ago

hurry post it i need one of these

Rage10 years ago
awesome! i wanted to make on of these, but never bothered. post it!
Neo110 years ago
Even though i don't have a wii it looks pretty nice