knexmaster14 look here!!!
if you look there it shows my license to gavadangers knex 5 pound gatling gun instructable i made. the one that you plagerised .

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F-179 years ago
now he's like all embarrassed that he won't respond to any of us!
yerjoking9 years ago
pleb got zoned
the dawg9 years ago
he got served.
dsman195276 (author)  the dawg9 years ago
have you seen a south ark episode called stan got f-ed its in that there all like you go served.
knexguy9 years ago
Dude, only one thing i can say, you got owned!!! I nearly copied the description of the licence to someone a while ago. It would be funny to change your licence to full copyright and sue anyone who made it!
dsman195276 (author)  knexguy9 years ago
i tried that and it did not work. it wont let me change my license
lol,copyright,funny,because the knex company can sue you for copywriteing one of their products, the knex it was originaly made out of was made by knex.
Go to your homepage on instrctables. Click edit modify settings on the top left of the page, next to your image. Go down to change licence. Choose one and then click se as default.
dsman195276 (author)  knexguy9 years ago
i did but after the instructable is published you cant do that.
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