kool aid and hemp

Does anyone know if Kool-aid will dye hemp?

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dpedaci9 years ago
While Koolaid may seem like a really cheap dye--as someone pointed out, it's only .25 a packet--it's actually cheaper to buy dyes from someplace like Dharma Trading Company if you are dying a lot of hemp--it's around 3.00 for a jar of dye but you can use it on so much more fiber than the same amount of koolaid. The positive aspects of koolaid is that it's easy to get and it's food safe so you can play around with it in the kitchen without any precautions.
Rishnai9 years ago
I've gotten some pretty nasty Kool-Aid stains in cotton before. If it won't dye it permanently, that means it'll wash out, so maybe just try it and see how it goes. My accidental stains washed out with some serious effort, but it would have probably been pretty colorfast otherwise.
i have no idea. but if it's hemp clothing... it might be hippie-ish? Paint it with watercolors! I did that at camp. You paint it with watercolors, so as crazy or as sane as you like, and leave it in the hot sun to let the colors real deep, and then iron it, and then wash it and then wear it!
Koolaid, lol i like the raspberry blue lemonade
BLASTFEMI9 years ago
Cotton and hemp are considered plant fiber and koolaid is only really considered a stain for these items. Wool or silk can easily be dyed with koolaid in the microwave. These are protein fibers and uptake the color with ease. You could try some procion dyes from dharma trading post. They work great on help! Have fun!
Bran9 years ago
It'll dye hair - I suppose it'd dye hemp.
westfw Bran9 years ago
Bad logic. In fact, animal fibers (hair) and plant fibers (hemp) frequently require different dying techniques...
so would indian ink, nick it from art...
masterochicken (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Kool-aid is 25 cents a packet.
good point...
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