knexsayer review *UPDATE*

ksayer! power:?/10 range:?/10 strengh:9/10 knex used:1/10(it uses a ton of knex) braking points:thanks to my mods it works theonly part that breaks now is the pump arm the pics dont show the mod parts list: rods green:336 white:162 blue:22 yellow:24 red:7 gray:6 black:7 yellow/orange:1 connectors dark gray:82 orange:22 lt gray:41 red:55 green:46 yellow:172 white:29 blue:6 tan clip:16 black/blue hinge:6 (toghther) blue clip:1 other y clip:13 small black tires:6 ball socket:8 ball joint:1 blue spacer:43 gray spacer:7 small gray tire:11

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sprout_less8 years ago
try to take better pics
i fixed it
exactly how good is this gun? ive seen the video and all that and i really want to build it-i dont hav enough pieces tho-just wonderin if its worth taking apart my other guns
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  Kinetic8 years ago
would would say yes but one thing use ever single balck rod you have in to this gun and on the pin guide there is a blue spacer remove it and replace it with a gray spacer then you can add more then 2 rbs on it
i might build it-what was the range you got?
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  Kinetic8 years ago
i got bout 20ft with 2 #64sand bout 30-40ft with 3-5
not bad-i had thought it would be more though
I got 65 with 4 #64 bands.
go for it!
I just laughed the crap out of myself.
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