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hey im going to upload an instructable on how to make your own lacrosse gloves 4 cheep. so tell me your favorite design and ill try to make them. these are my favorite. the warrior Brass monkey gloves. I play defence so the extra knuckle protection helps alot.

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fromasion5 years ago
i wish very happy to join this free masion but any how is it done
you make your own gloves?! if you play D why do you need the brass monkeys? there attack gloves, maybe if your a long pole middie. Super flys or hypnos are cheeper.
i relly like them cuz i tried my friends out and they felt real nice, and the extra knucle protection helped becuse i was constently being hit in th knuckles,(freakin' middies).
can you post just one pic of them as a reply i cant conceive what your gloves look like. did you get gloves and add knuckle protection? or start from scratch?
il post them as soon as Fix the minor problems like: the uncomfortable fitting, the bulkyness, the fact that their made out of denim and look like blue jeans with fingers. and for the second question I just looked at my fist pair of gloves,warrior temo's, becouse they were simple, pland them out on a peice of paper, made the gloves and added knuckle plates!
Did you post yet?
freeza365 years ago
I love the Warrior Mac Daddy 3s. And the Sugar Daddys.
steven678 years ago
I cut the palms out of my gloves for the off season when nobody seems to care
Brennn108 years ago
I currently use the K18's, and I like having the great leather grip on the palm. I used to have gloves (STX I-Pro) which were not leather at the palm and it took a while into warm-ups and practice to get a firm grip. If you watch the pros, many of them completely cut the palms out of their gloves. (Illegal in college and high school I believe). This provides a good grip as well. I like lots of wrist movement, because I play attack.
michael J. caboose (author)  Brennn108 years ago
yeah i love the leather palms too! they help alot because my stick has a horrible grip.
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