leaving ;(

sadly since i sold my knex (about a year ago now) i honestly dont know what there is to make so im leaving instructables. i havent been here in so long i struggled to find out how to make this forum thread. and now that i am addicted to youtube and minecraft i cant see myself ever making another instructable. so thats why im leaving. but on the brighter side im starting a new youtube series but it has nothing to do with building or anything that you would find on here. anyways its been fun sharing my creations with everyone and i had a good time soooooo............ i guess its goodbye...

                                                         11/08/2006  to  29/05/2012

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Kiteman5 years ago
You don't know what else there is to make??

There are 75,000 projects here - are you telling us that none of them are any good for you?
slithien (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I've been doing my GCSE's as well so its also hard to find time to create something awesome that other people will like without rushing it to have lots of uploads. for example my last ible which i think was my knex NES speed board. was utter crap. this was because i rushed it in so that i could enter something into the gaming contest. and its hard for me to get the money to buy the materials to actually make anything now that i sold my knex. the only thing that i can really make instructions on are computer tutorials which there are plenty of on YouTube. and by the way i am heavily addicted to YouTube at the moment (you don't even wanna know how many hours i spend on that site). so there isn't a lack of stuff to make its just things that are occurring in my life that are restricting what i can actually make that other people will like. so that's why im leaving.

(this was probably my first comment that was spelt right)
+1 ~ Making is just as fun...

K, did you find out who the 75,000 ibler was?
Actually, no...
Darn... Maybe its a secret?
Minecraft is also stealing my creativity....
Yes, get into people instead, like a girl....

Are you saying, people are stealing your creativity, like a particular female?
I am sorry, i just don't understand your wording, lemonie
I meant that you should spend less time playing Minecraft and more time with other people.
Creativity & thought can be used socially, if you don't use it like that then you can find social-relationships difficult.
(I am actually thinking about a particular female, that's quite perceptive of you.)

Yes, it is true, i am finding it hard to have any social relationships... (except, with all my friends who also play mineucraft so much, they never even have to look at minecraft wiki to know what something is...
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