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i need help, i want to make a sign with 50 maby 60 Led's where can i go? i am a total beginner at this. thanks

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timberman (author) 10 years ago
I need to learn how to wire them and what type of power supply to use etc.
just wire um in series, surely?
yeah thats what I meant, lol.
Well, there's a *huge* difference...
give me a break, I left school 5 years ago and beleive me you soon forget the proper words for things.
how do you forget the difference between series and paralelle? its an electronic fundamental. as for a power supply, buy or build a linear one. i have included a schematic below, but you will need to adjust t1 for lower voltage than 12 volts. if you set it for the leds Vforward, you wont even need resistors. but it will have to be reglated, so the zener diode will need to be adjusted. and do not go to radio-shack. they sell very crappy electronics for huge ammounts of money. stores usually sell 50 or 100 packs of leds. guyfrom7up forgot to mention: connect the resistor to the anode, not the cathode. and would you be intirested in making the leds pulse around in the star?
will the sign just have the LEDs arranged for a word? Connect all cathodes together. Connect a resistor to each led using a led calc on google. On ebay people usually give free resistors
AHIGHERGOD9 years ago
I too am starting a project. Also have very little knowledge about this subject. Hoping to change that. My finance and I are looking to make an LED star. 62 5mm LEDs in total. All but 6 are yellow the rest are white. I keep searching for the best way to connect them as well as the best way to power it but no luck. Any help would be grand. Thanks.
guyfrom7up10 years ago
If u done get it then pm me in 2 hours I have to go to a concert
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