leg and arm weights

Will someone write up the plans for a HEAVY-DUTY ankle and wrist weight. I have been searching online for a company that will make custom weighted wrist and ankle weights but there aren't any. I'm wanting to make a 50 lb for the arms and 100 lb for the legs.
I'm thinking along the lines of several iron or lead bars strapped together with a nylon fiber or other strong material. I've only ever done projects in high-school, where materials were provided, so I don't really know where to get the materials needed.
Please help.

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Hyon-KunK1 year ago

first of all lifting weights does not stunt your growth it's a myth, it actually will promote testosterone growth and promote the pituitary glad. It's been medically proven! As far as joints, proper diet, plenty of omega and fish oil, will combat joint wear. An acidic lifestyle tears joints...

So why is he doing this the same reason I do the same resistance training stamina building and strength training...

So as far as material and solutions... I bought a pair of ballistic mesh pants, available in any tactical store for about $23... I took ballistic thread and sewed 2 sets of 20lb ankle weights one at ankle height another at calf height 3 more above the knee mid thigh upper thigh... I purchased a 80lb weighted belt and I own a 100lb weighted vest 20lb ankle weights at wrist and forearm... And I do boxing routines for a half hour and then a walk on the treadmill for an hr.

I would also be very interested in those weights, and I don't care if my limbs fall off. As far as I can tell, you had the right idea with the lead bars or even lead shot. However, you would need to have the weights go up onto your calves/forearms instead of just on the area just above the ankles/wrists. So you should be thinking about calf/forearm weights. You can order materials online or get the fabric from an arts and crafts place, the lead shot from anywhere that sells either reloading materials or sometimes even where they sell building materials, and anything else you need you can find at the arts and crafts store. I will be looking forward to the guide. Good luck!
Kiteman5 years ago
You want to walk around with 300 lbs strapped to your body??

That's two whole Kitemen!

For goodness sake, why?
dhill16 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Been wearing 20 lb. leg weights on both my legs and my arms, as well as a 50 lb. weight vest everyday, all day, and all of the past 3 months. My body has gotten used to it so I want to step it up a notch... well step it up a lot so that my body takes longer to adapt.

Kiteman dhill165 years ago
That still begs the question; why?

How old are you?
dhill16 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Don't forget to work on the brain muscle.
maybe that should come first
Kiteman dhill165 years ago
So why do this? What possible benefit can you can from the inevitable joint deterioration?
Do not question Mr. Chuck Norris. If he wants to do it, he can.
dhill16 (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I will do it just to prove it.

The human body is a powerful machine.

And Chuck Norris is the maker maker of said machine
Just a word to the wise, if your body is still growing, you may stunt your growth and cause unknown joint problems when you get older due to the severe compression on said parts and strain on the muscles. Your body may adapt in response but then you will need to live out your retirement at some place where the gravity is less to ease the pain. Just look at the hunched over accountants that do exessive reps with a #2 pencil, not a pretty sight.
or does this person want someone to "swim with the fishes"?
This can REALLY overstress your joints and lead to hyper-extension injuries.

Sorry to be a wet blanket.

You are much better off doing some resistance-band exercises - like maybe as you watch TV or something.

caitlinsdad5 years ago
Get a babysitting job. The rugrats will attach to your arms and legs. You will be doing several reps until they get tired or want to eat.