lego guns

dude we REALLY need more lego guns on this group. only one of 100 is lego!

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globalgear2 years ago

you can find great stuff at

i allready made one
I'm making my own pistol that is going o be all my mechanism (might not look the best) and it will be fully auto
chopstx (author)  mitch and sears6 years ago
nascar107 years ago
i'm working on a gun, it is going to be spring powered, has shells that eject, i'm trying to make it look like a desert eagle.
chopstx (author)  nascar107 years ago
Cool! I cant wait!!!!
sorry having trouble but i built a double barrel pistol
sacram987 years ago
I have lego guns: paper wasplego guns, rubberband lego guns and brick shooting guns(probably needs to be modifyde
nfk117 years ago
ill make a lego gun as soon asi find my backpack
15zach158 years ago
i hav some lego guns check my you tube vidios
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