libby's potted meat food product?

Here is the ingrediants list:
mechanically separated chicken,pork skin,partially defatted beef fatty tissue(???),partially defatted pork fatty tissue,vinigar,salt,spices,sugar,flavorings(more specific please??),sodium erythorbate,sodium nitrate eew!
they sell this as f00d!? why is this stuff legal?
the number on the can is18007275777 it says to call 10 am to seven pm monday through friday eeww

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what do you think is in bologna?

Call that number and ask them personally,  You want to speak with Quality Assurance.

also on that can is a little bitty USDA shield, with a tiny establishment number either printed in the shield or somewhere on the can (it will start off with EST.#, or EST P#, the p means pork.) that little guy means the US department of agriculture has inspected that plant and has determined that its sanitary and safe to process meat.

ALL Meat products have to have that little label on it to be sold as meat in the great US of A.   (Canada has their own label too, as well as most other countries)
lemonie8 years ago
Has anyone else heard the phrase "Arse-holes ear-holes, eye-holes" applied to dubious meat-products?

why is there an L at the end of every comment you post? Maybe it is just my computer, probably not.
G is correct (thanks)

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I believe it's his signature. It would be equivalent to me signing my post like this...

.  No, but I've heard "Everything but the [oink|moo|squeal]"
Yes I've heard that. And on the subject of "rare" - "Don't stop chewing 'till the meat stops moo-ing"

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um... hi


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