listing crafts

other than knitting and sewing what would be crafts? I do woodworking ,metalworking as craft ,i do not think that those would quantify for this. Any ideas ? to expand this ie. leatherwork? wood carving? I am the guy that build stuff not the guy that thought it up.

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JellyWoo9 years ago
anything craft related, like mine: too bad it didn't make it to the contest because of a stupid power outage!
Flumpkins9 years ago
Would origami be a craft?
plus im doing origami
so yes? Cuz I'm pretty good at origami.
ive made a whale that was so small that i had to use lens and tookpicks
I don't wanna sound mean.. but let me repeat the question...
Would origami be a craft?

Yes, it's a craft and an art.
Goodhart jeff-o9 years ago
I feel a decent craft is an art form. At one time, one's craft was what one did after an apprenticeship, then working through Journeyman, and finally one was a skilled artisan.

Yes, it absolutely would.
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