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other than knitting and sewing what would be crafts? I do woodworking ,metalworking as craft ,i do not think that those would quantify for this. Any ideas ? to expand this ie. leatherwork? wood carving? I am the guy that build stuff not the guy that thought it up.

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JellyWoo9 years ago
anything craft related, like mine: too bad it didn't make it to the contest because of a stupid power outage!
Yes, it's a craft and an art.
Goodhart jeff-o9 years ago
I feel a decent craft is an art form. At one time, one's craft was what one did after an apprenticeship, then working through Journeyman, and finally one was a skilled artisan.

Badgergirl9 years ago
You could use clay too.
Yes, clay can be an excellent medium for crafting.
mrs putty9 years ago
Sorry, let me clarify myself. There is nothing wrong with simpler crafts (like hot glues). Crafts like that are excellent ways to learn or for younger kids to learn to love the medium. I only meant the more complicated and involved, with the less artificial (if that is the right word) help then the more crafty. I use hot glue all the time for some things, on the other hand I rarely use my sewing machine, I sew by hand. Anything one does that makes one feel good about creating works. Crafting has no rules.
I like the way you put that too. Too many "craft fairs" are filled with people that have "cut the same wooden form out of boards, a thousand times" or used a decal to decorate something, or some other nearly pre-made piece. And although that is great to "learn with" it is sad too that this is the stuff that sells, because little work is invested in it, so the prices can be cheaper. I do pyrography, and I will never again try to sell them at a "craft" fair. Real craft is also an art form in my book.
bikerbob2005 (author) 9 years ago
Yes this is for the new contest ,I am just wondering how big of a scope the word" craft "would cover. The sewing machine had a cool motor that went to a micro drill press years ago and seance then no one will let me near one.Just wait till they turn their back on the plasma cutter .
YeeHaw..I'll distract them for you, if you'll invite me... I have a couple of unused sewing machines... I need a potters wheel - wanna play? (I have torches...wink, wink...)
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