little red wagon ideas

I got a rusty old radio flyer wagon. My mind keeps jumping to go-kart, but I'm curious if anyone else has ideas

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Low rider
i actually saw one with custom rims, and and chrome twister bar thing with chrome brass knuckles as the handle
Goodhart6 years ago
Here's an idea.....if it can be dismantled without destroying parts of it, you can use products like this rust converter (I've seen more user friendly versions but can not find a link at the moment) or you can try one of  the reverse electroplating method(s); a larger set of balloon style tires (wider not necessarily bigger in circumference) will handle terrain better and it can be used for a variety of tasks, in the garden, in the nursery (if you have small children), in the auto-shop (or any shop for that matter); pretty much as is, with the improved tires.
Balloon tires.jpg
1crush6 years ago
Sorry forgot to add the link ......
1crush6 years ago
Look up on Youtube... "Motorized Radio From Recycled Materials", I built it with my kids
onrust6 years ago
I had a BAD experience going fast on a wagon while trying to steer. Instead of possibly butchering it, post it on Craig's List and give other people a chance to enjoy it for what it is.
happyjo6 years ago
It could be a little flower garden!