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Precision Puzzlemaking Primer -- Volume 1.

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comment by Lee Krasnow (7 July, 2007)

Hey it looks like I can edit this thing... well anyhow I just wanted to say thanks to those people who picked me as a finalist. I added a few pictures to this page -- a selection of some puzzles that I made a number of years ago on a laser cutter. If I win this contest, I'll put puzzles like these back into production. I will also use it extensively for making jigs and cutting fixtures for other puzzles.

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MRGaudet9 years ago
The micro-scale of these things is just amazing! That is super fine detail. Q: Do you use vector files to design these things? Q: Do you nest the units together when cutting? Q: What material are you using? Just fabulous works of art!
Goodhart10 years ago
Very that mahogany ?
scooby505010 years ago
Wow!!! A true craftsman. Can't wait for volume 2.
This instructable is amazing! You can definitely tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. Good luck!
neltnerb10 years ago
As someone who loves origami... this is really impressive workmanship, and the attention to detail is stunning. To exaggerate slightly, if you showed me one of these back at your house after a date over a cup of tea, I'd probably go all the way with you... assuming you're over 18...
SuperTails10 years ago
This is the best project by far. I will enjoy making and solving your puzzles. Good Luck.
knittenjen10 years ago
Gotta vote for this projest, even though I have no idea what is going on there.
SacTownSue10 years ago
Wow! These are beautiful. I've been known to buy things like this. Thanks for sharing.
odecom510 years ago
this is by far my favorite instructable. i would have voted for you even above my own if it was a finalist. i can't wait for volume 2!
gyromild10 years ago
Got to love your puzzle design.. +1!
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