look at this bee necklace WHO CAN MAKE IT

As the title said, it's from MCQ, my brother want to make one to send to his g friend. How can he make it? (metal is difficult to control, oher materials may be better I think)

Picture of look at this bee necklace WHO CAN MAKE IT
triumphman11 months ago
How much does each bee cost ? What is the total $ of the finished necklace ? Thanks.
Miss Puff (author)  triumphman8 months ago
Sorry, I don't know, it depends on the materials you use.
Kiteman11 months ago
Buy a torq style necklace, a load of bee-shaped beads, and set-to with a hot glue gun or some epoxy - Ebay is your friend...
Goodhart Kiteman11 months ago
A good epoxy would probably be the longest lasting hold, if used properly.
Kiteman Goodhart11 months ago
True, but many people are simply happier with a glue gun.
Goodhart Kiteman11 months ago
Just thought of something....they have epoxy syringes, it wouldn't be too hard (I suppose) to adapt something and make it "glue gun like".
Kiteman Goodhart11 months ago
Nice idea.
Goodhart Kiteman11 months ago
Thank you. If I only had time to do half the ideas that pop (plop ?) into my head ;-)
Goodhart Kiteman11 months ago
Yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with the hot glue itself :-D
Miss Puff (author) 11 months ago
How about polymer clay? I think it would be much better.

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