m24 vs remington 700 vs m40

ok i know there all the same guns basicaly but they have there differnces and im just wondering what gun is overall better if you can can u tell me teh pros and cons of all of them because im thinking about buying a airsoft gun version ( yes i kno there differnt) but i usualy want insite on the real version of guns like my barret ish m24 hybridish sniper rifle

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LOG218 years ago
The M24 and the M40 are basically the same weapon system. The M40 just has minor variations to fit the needs of the Marines. The only true difference is that the M24,s chamber can support "if needed" the .300 winchester magnum for more punch.
ledzep56710 years ago
well, i don't know much about the pros and cons but i personally like the Remington 700
receiver54510 years ago
a m24 isnt like a barret 2 diiferent things! barret is a 50 cal. and a m24 is alot smaller caliber!'
HamO10 years ago
Are you comparing REAL rifles to help you decide which AIRSOFT gun to get!?
gotja (author)  HamO10 years ago
not realy i just like their real back ground because i wanna know somthing about each gun i hbae also that would be realy stupid -_- lol im not THAT much of a idiot duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh XP
JACT10 years ago
Why don't you just 'Google' them and findout for your self... JACT
gotja (author)  JACT10 years ago
all ready did