m4 carbine

I'm going to try and make the best m4 yet so in the next week there maybe pics so yeah things I will try to include I will try to make it as close to the real m4 it will have a realistic working stock maybe my hk416 stock good mag maybe ironmans nice handle

Picture of m4 carbine
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MotaBoi7 years ago
too late... lol what do you think about mine?
so hows it going pics PLEASE
nutty guy (author)  silentassasin218 years ago
I was going to put pics up yesterday but just as I was taking them batteries ran out
I still see no m4 :(
lioneatr8 years ago
heat-seeker8 years ago
try a m416 they have a better shape
nutty guy (author)  heat-seeker8 years ago
I did look at my hk416
ah because i think there are to many m4 and ak47's around here try somthng new!
Katarukito8 years ago
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