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can i use a mac keyboard on my windows computer

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gmjhowe8 years ago
All USB keyboards, and the old style wireless should work, i tried to latest wireless keyboard in my iMac running windows, and no luck..
My cable keyboard works fine on my PC. I cant test the bluetooth keyboard i'm using now because the buggers in our school tech support made the bluetooth in our laptops unusable without a lot of hard work.
usb bluetooth stick reinstall os / boot live disk (if its in software)
Bluetooth sticks are expensive here in the land of Aus, and its a school computer so i cant really go around reinstalling the OS randomly.
boot a live cd rom or usb stick without installation ? get a replacement hard drive and install your os on it instead ? (to restore just swap the drives back)
I meant we've got to get the bloody chip installed, which is EXPENSIVE!!!!
ok you've got wifi. cant it be used for the tasks you'd normally use bt for ? (why did the school take that out ??)
No it can't, and they took it out because they are a bunch of *********.
keyboard cant work over wifi but its just a keyboard mesh chat and file sharing can be done perfectly over wifi and are you sure they really took out the wifi card and not just disabled it in software / bios ?
jeff-o9 years ago
It will work for the most part, but as others have said some of the buttons are different. The Control, Window and Alt keys are replaced by Control, Option and Command.
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