magnetic bed

Since our cells are electrically based, I thought I would try sleeping on a magnetic bed, any plans out there?

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Kiteman10 years ago
I can't find the reference, but research last year showed that magnetism (specifically magnetic bracelets) worked to make people feel better if they expected them to - i.e. the effect is wholly placebo based.

By all means, sleep with magnets under your bed, but the only genuine effect would be infinitesimal eddy-currents in your fillings whenever you moved your head.

Oh, and our cells are not electrically based, the nerve impulses are electro-chemical in nature (it is, I think, an inversion wave in the ions of the axons, transferred from nerve to nerve by purely chemical means) - very different from the flow of electrons through a metallic conductor.
yes, and its just the nerve cells i believe that are electrically based i believe. skin cells do not use electricity, neither do blood cells and tissue cells. the placebo effect can be a pretty strong effect though. if you truly believe it will work, your body will probably create the effects you are wanting to experience with it. just out of curiosity though, does anyone know the voltage levels that a nerve cell creates when it sends a signal? im looking for the article. i did find this though: "A painful area almost always lacks blood circulation and oxygen. The area usually is highly acidic and has a positive polarity. The negative (Unipole) magnet increases the circulation, thus bringing more oxygen to the painful area, reducing inflammation. The negative energy field produced by the magnet also counteracts the positive field associated with the painful condition." it seems that doing a google search just brings up magnet websites and of course they are going to say that they work. bbc had an article listed though saying that they do work, however they are unsure as to whether or not is is a placebo effect or actually the magnets doing the work.
I think, the voltage level in nerve cells is somewhere around 70 mV.
About the magnetic bed thing: Scientists managed to levitate a living frog using VERY strong magnets, building such a bed is therefor possible.
lemonie10 years ago
"Magnets, always with the magnets..."
People make money out of selling people magnets.
I'd advise you make one (or several) and sell them based upon anecdotal theraputic properties (of magnets).

Or, since you cells are 'electirically based' why not sleep on an electric bed?

LasVegas lemonie10 years ago
Better yet! Microwaves!!! lol
lemonie LasVegas10 years ago
I wish I'd thought of that...


(ditto Kiteman but I'm not posting another comment to say so)
Kiteman LasVegas10 years ago
A full night's sleep in only 90 seconds! PING! get out of the bed and put your breakfast in it...