make a fort: the Ultimate one

let's make a topic about forts. I need real answers not funny lol ones.

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Mr_Altitude4 years ago
If you mean blanket forts, it's mostly up to your imagination. Improvise off of your area where you are building. Two chairs back-to-back with a blanket over them works well. You can also drape blankets over a table.
 well i posted one on where can i get great fort ideas for an awesome fort
Why has no one actually tried answering the question? I'm moving into my first apartment in a few weeks and the FIRST thing i want to do is turn the entire place into a huge fort! Any ideas?
Windows, chimney, sky light and doors are all weak points; guard them well!
What kind of fort do you mean? I quite often build blanket and cardboard box forts when I'm a bit liquored and friends are over...

Actually I also do it when I'm ill, then I retreat inside and lie around being all in my fort...
EpicZombie (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
i made a blanket fort.

Have to laugh - GF just left and I go on 'ibles and find this, we just spent the morning in blanket fort... 
That's a new name for it...

Down Kiteman! Get your mind out of the shed...

Actually the current ones political debates... 
Ah, the cut and thrust of intellectual discourse!
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