make real gun designs

i think that people should try to make their guns look realistic and cool rather than blocky and weird. below is my sl9. I am currently working on a m14, used Vietnam as a primary weapon.

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oodalumps9 years ago
I never think of how my guns are going to look, only of how they are going to work.
same here. accuracy, fire power and design of mechanisms is WAY more important than what it looks like. for instance, take all of the gatling guns on this site - they don't look like true gatling guns. They look more like the round magazines on Tommy (Thompson) guns, but people still make them because they are good. still, it is impressive to see a good gun that is also realistic.
kibbler sugg229 years ago
I agree. However if you can get it looking good with your accuracy, fire power and design on your gun, that is good too.
Mintyhippo (author) 9 years ago
What i do is build a good looking shell and then the mechanisms then mod as needed.
T3453R9 years ago
real guns are fun but i prefere to make the system first and then chanche the design so it woul look like a real gun i made a luger like pistol its pretty easy but the mechanic of firering is differend then anything else if you wild like i post it but it wasn't the idea to make a luger it was more the idea to invent a new trigger motion and i sucseded :p