making a USB music device

for my next shop project I started looking at music devices. at first I wanted to create electric synth music. but then I thought up simpler things. like: why not have a box that can hook into a computer using a usb port... and then with computer softwear, assign certain sounds to certain buttons on the box. for instance. 1)first I would plug the usb thing into the PC. 2) then, I'd open up a pc program that could assign which music tracks would play when certain buttons are pressed,touched,or connected. 3) last, I'd have fun with the device preferably, all the data would be stored inside the usb drive along with the music samples. any Ideas? this is urgent! only 2 more weeks left in school!

mexx.admin (author) 10 years ago
ok. well, what if I just had a remote controlled light? how would I do that?
schorhr10 years ago
This would require hard work if you are not familiar with microcontrollers yet.
You can google for avr/atmel OR pic microcontrollers and usb interfaces, sound and mmc-card interfaces, but this gets complicated...
Smaller sound samples could be stored even in smaller/cheaper microcontrollers with

The easiest solution would be to buy some greetingcards or voice recording modules at radioshack or somewhere else, and use that; Not much involved but recording (connection to speaker or usb sound adaptor) and pressing buttons.

A simple electric organ could be another aproach, depending on how simple you need it: