making a coil gun help

when i make a coil with magnet wire,i have enamelled wire, do i have to sand the whole thing so the copper touches in the coil, or just the ends going to where im hooking it up? EDIT: i changed my title, because i have more questions about coil guns in general.

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MJRSnyder8 years ago
is there a way that I could charge some 200v 330uf capacitors from an old PC power suppy with the camera flash circuit? because it charges up to around 330 volts and i don't want to hook up my other capacitors to that much voltage
um0123 (author) 8 years ago
if my capacitors are rated at 330V and i have a 250 V switch, will it lessen its power?
lets just say this switch will fuse and won't work. you need to use an scr
as in you will fuse the contacts together
um0123 (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
yea i know what fuse means. what about a switch rated at 350V? but the amps you go the lower the voltage rating, and i dont know how much amps 20 capacitors will generate.
high current rating is more important than voltage current is what fuses stuff
um0123 (author)  110100101108 years ago
well its 20 capacitors, but its only powered by a d-battery, so the voltage is only 1.5 V, i think i should switch to a 9 volt to make the coil more powerful, my firing swtich its rated at 50A 12VDC and 25A 24VDC so i think im good.
the voltage in the capacitors depends only on the inverter circuit. you can make 300 V and more with either D or 9 V battery the D battery stores more energy than 9 V. it will last longer (more shots off 1 battery) the current of the switches is not bad but the voltage may be too low. 300 V is at all not 12 or 24 can you give photos of the switches from inside ? maybe they are isolated enough for 300 V after all
um0123 (author)  110100101108 years ago
i cant take the switch apart, but the guy at radio shack said if im charging the capacitors with - lets say - 1.5 volts, the charge that comes off the capacitor will be 1.5 volts. he also said that there is no such thing as a switch that is rated at 330V or higher. he said try online, but normally nothing requires that much. whats an inverter circuit?
why you cant ? an invrter is a circuit that changes voltage. its basically built of transistor and transformer. sometimes more components in a coil gun it converts the battery voltage to 300 V that are charged into the capacitors they are used also in lcd screens / computers (the power supply is basically an inverter) / flash cameras / emergency lighting systems and other stuff you can get high voltage high current switch in industrial electrical parts center. but you often can use smaller switch
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