making a tube amp from an old, working, tube powered stereo


So I scored an old stereo from a friend that works- everything but the turntable anyway. i want to convert it into a guitar amp, but other than +/- i don't have any electrical knowledge. 

looking for any tips advice on the easiest way to go... 

i can post pics if needed. 

in my head: taking the input for the turntable or something like that then wiring a 1/4" input for a guitar somewhere. 

is that possible? 

i've looked at most of the tube amp instructables & am not finding what i really want. 

any help would be appreciated! 

i can follow instructions well, just not sure what to do, and don't wanna get into something way over my head!!!


NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Type the manufacturer and model number into Google and see if you can find a schematic (eg, "Motorola MCP4398 schematic"). Once you find a schematic, locate the pre-amp input (not the pre-amp for the phono, that has RIAA equalization applied) and wire your jack there.
.  Read up on electrical safety before working on the unit - learn it and live it.
greezus (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
thanks for the tips!!! much appreciated!!!
. I have now. :)