maverick (done)

video here go to my home page then click on maverick final video. it's a forum topic. check it out check it out! this took around 4 months to build >:) and now I'm sad that I finished. it rely works I will have a nice video soon maverick from cedar point "ride on" the last pic is what maverick now looks like. it took two days to do that probably 6 hrs.

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Your going to liquidate those poor little unsuspecting Lego people! What sort of monstrous K'nex rollercoaster-building fiend are you?!!

BTW, is the one in the red suit from the underwater scuba center kit?
lol no the one in the red suit is a guard for Darth Cideous.
The one closest to the camera in the second pic?
oh that guy ok yeah he is from one of those he came with a small sub i think.
Anton19959 years ago
OMG this is GREAT.
the_burrito_master (author)  Anton19959 years ago
bumpus9 years ago
This is awesome! I would much rather look at this than most of the other knex garbage on here! I envy your skill! :D
knex garbage

depends on what you think is garbage.

garbage = guns i can tell you that without even asking bumpus.
we do have a be nice policy you know.
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