mc donlads

just show you what mcd food does in jars
no that is not me

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MC Don Lads?
In da haus.
=SMART=9 years ago
Is that you in the video?
Firebert0109 years ago
It disgusts me that ebaumsworld can take this video that is CLEARLY not theirs, but an excerpt from the documentary Supersize Me, and just slap their watermark on it and call it their own. I wish somebody would bomb their servers.
Have you seen this video? (mildly NSFW)
lol Thats great
Yeah I've seen it before, when it was originally hosted on Newgrounds. This community of flash artists were (and still are) the most affected by eBaum's thievery. Instructables member Chluaid is a world renowned flash artist, and I'm sure he's had problems with the theft of his films, which (may I say) are works of art.
I can't stand how they even post the hate mail they recieve on the website as some kind of juvenile means of degrading the sender. Some of the stuff on that site that people were complaining about is genuine filth and people have a right to complain about it. I see that they state that they'll pay you to use your work as long as you put an ebaums intro on it, but if you don't they'll steal it anyway.
i agree the words that describe ebaumsworld cannot be used on this site...
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