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Pringles Wind Turbine (Pleech) - Version One

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sdbigguy10 years ago
I really like this concept and I am thinking of trying it myself but I was wondering if "Version 2" is going to be upcoming or was version 1 the end of the line... great work and very well done, this is what made me join the site! Thanks
mikejedw (author)  sdbigguy10 years ago
Good question! I always did think that there would be a version 2, which would be built on the improvements discovered from the community after I released version 1. But it wouldn't necessarily be me that made it! I'd really love to see what other people come up with in the potato-chip-can-turbine genre!
mikejedw (author) 10 years ago
Thanks for all the support, everyone! I didn't get the win, but the voting definitely helped push me up the rankings. Check out the judging formula here. Based on that, I got the maximum possible boost from the forum voting that I could. Thanks again!
killerbunny10 years ago
great project! if you made a bunch of them could they power a car made out of pringles cans?
azcended10 years ago
Awesome project
Hladek10 years ago
RockOn! Pringles Wind Turbine! I want one for my VW. Great concept great work!
saumi10 years ago
Good project. Keep up the good work Mike.
ewatkinson10 years ago
Hot Swizzle
megarafa10 years ago
Awesome project. Keep up the good work!
tina10 years ago
this project beats the usual pringle can projects -go mike!
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