minecraft hardcore

as most of you would know super flat doesn't have much in the way of material
but if you use the "gimmeabreak" seed you will get spawned in a village (hooray)
there's plenty of materials and houses to make shelter
just watch out for slimes they can spawn in the daytime

Picture of minecraft hardcore
minecraft screen 1.png
gimmeabreak screen.png
jacobz_205 years ago
There's villages in every seed. If someone else used this seed, they wouldn't necessarily be right next to a village; spawn areas are random. BTW, villages may be nice when it comes to having supplies, but the fact that they get overrun by zombies every once in a while makes them dangerous.
Aussie Viking (author)  jacobz_205 years ago
Spawn areas are random on every other seed except gimmeabreak this seed always spawns you near a village. It is an input seed by Mojang. Personally I have never been overrun by zombies while living in town. But if it did happen you could always use a house as shelter.