Redneck28 years ago
Grim10 years ago
Hey! Dude?! Awesome, youve posted my instructable! Did you comment on it yet? I need ammo ideas damnit! And who could actually help me come up with body/carrier for the lil bugger.
gyromild10 years ago
This is my personal favorite
Butane Badness
VIRON10 years ago
What impresses me about this is that it's the first gun I've seen on here that's not made out of K'nex. I was beginning to wonder if Knex was extra good at making guns (since I've seen no LEGO Blasters or Erector Guns), or it was a unique challenge to make a gun out of KNex or if that was the only construction set you all have or are allowed to make things like guns out of. No opinion, but I'm just amused at the moment.