Just wondering how many instructable member's play mmorpg's. I play City of Heroes (Orangetag001 on Champion) 2moons (just started) Dungeon Runners again Orangetag001, forgot server I have tried Silkroad, Runescape, Knight online, WoW, Guild Wars, and plenty of others

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Zappa0216 years ago
I play Regnum
drgnstp8 years ago
Ragnarok was really fun. Soul Linker was my favorite class.
krunal8008 years ago
I play samurai of legend.....its a very addictive game....i used to play others but dont get much time anymore :(
eileen1238 years ago
Nice game.

Warhammer Europe Gold
spiker9 years ago
endless online i used to play, its a good mmorpg but not for the weak or faint hearted lol cause you have to dedicate to it
REA9 years ago
i play Scions of Fate. good game but you need friends to have more fun.
Runescape. People say how your a nerd for playing. One of my friend always makes fun of me for it, and, he play World of Warcraft. I find it funny.
i play roonskape tuu, its actually more fun now. also, id rather play runescpae then play wow thats takes up 9 gigs of memory...
2moons wewt but i likes the Dekaron staff better
btw Dekaron is where 2 moons came from
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