mobility scooter

I have a walkabout 330 mobility scooter i have cut some wires and now i'm lost and they didn't make a manual for them and can i eliminate a lot of things like lights horn etc i only use it for golf  but i can't walk the course and i was wondering could and how to wire it in the simplest way to get it going ???  i'm really lost and confused any way to hot wire it maybe ????
Hope some one understands me

Picture of mobility scooter
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Yes, pictures would be very helpful. You should be able to wire the thing so that you only got motor control and brakes.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Did you purposely cut some wires or something came loose or was caught up and torn out? You might want to post a pic of the wire mess.
What a mess, there is no way i can fix this by looking at photos, Is this 24 volts? If it is why not strip out the wiring and controller an put in a new one. for $50 save yourself a lot of mucking about as it comes with a wiring diagram. you can also get a motor bike style throttle for it
Have a look here

maccaorgordon (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
I'd love to rewire it but where do i start ?//??/??//??.....Would you be able to send some drawings step by step as i don't understand how these things operate it has 2 -12volt batteries 2- motors i'd love to understand but as they never made any wiring digrams for them it all goes over my head , i clicked on the link but don't know what i need any way so i'm STUCK ....................................
maccaorgordon (author) 4 years ago
Hi , any body out there ???
I cut some wires so i could get the ignition switch out and forgot which was which and i tried a couple of things but chickened out at the end but i'd like to know how to do a continuity test but i don'e know where the power goes into the circuit board and where it comes out and even if i can by pass the lights horn and whatever just to get it going back and forth is all i want i use it to deliver flyers and for golf
re-edit the title of your forum topic to say "Need help rewiring mobility scooter", It would help to say what part of the world you are in if anyone local might be able to help. Good luck.