modify a floppy drive into an external usb drive

Hello, I was googleing this subject, but found nothing. Is there a way to modify an ordinary floppy drive into an external, usb one? Thank you.

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This isn't an answer to your question but I modified an ancient old floppy drive to be an external hard drive...
Patrik10 years ago
Patrik10 years ago
Seems like what you'd need is an external floppy drive enclosure. They sell these things for hard drives, for example: just an external USB bay in which you can insert an existing HD to make it think it's inside a computer.

I'm not sure these things even exist for floppy drives, considering floppy drives are so simple - you can just buy a new external floppy drive for under $20.

Here's some info on the 34-pin FDD connector, if you want to try hack something up:

Floppy Disk Drive Pinout
Patrik Patrik10 years ago
Here's an exchange on another forum on the same topic:

34 pin floppy to USB converter

Summary: the initial poster had a specialized piece of hardware (robotic diskette machine) with a 34-pin floppy connector, that he wanted to connect to his laptop. The main recommendation was to buy an external floppy drive, and cannibalize it for the floppy->USB controller...
sugg2210 years ago
how does it connect now?
spilja (author)  sugg2210 years ago
just a normal floppy drive, has a power input and the cable to connect it to the motherboard.
Punkguyta10 years ago
Any external usb device whether it be an external HD, Burner, Capture card, it needs a chipset to communicate with the host machine and there is no concieviably possible way to turn an internal FDD into an external usb drive without buying an interface. Just like when you install it into your desktop computer, the ribbon cable usually goes to an onboard controller/chipset built into the motherboard, because if that wasn't there it wouldn't be able to communicate. Sorry about your luck but your best bet would be to buy an external case off ebay or something that says it can be used with floppy driver. Better yet buy a premade external floppy drive, they're old, cheap and not many people use them anymore, you could get an external usb FDD for $20 if you looked in the right spot.
Goodhart10 years ago
I am not sure of the details you might need, but I came across this in my search, and this is something I have been looking for, so thanks for prompting me in the direction :-) 3.5 ext. USB floppy dsk drive
spilja (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
obviously, i know i can buy one, but i have an extra old floppy lying around, i only need it as a one time only thing, and here external floppies are expensive as hell. thanks anyway.