more guns, please!

hey there, i'm trying to make a gun that doesnt use knex parts because i dont have any knex. I have a group to post your 'ibles in or if you dont want to join, put a link to them here.


Picture of more guns, please!
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=SMART=9 years ago
knex guns are silly *hides behind knex barricade to defend against onslaught of insults*
knex rock!!!
coolz (author)  extreme builder9 years ago
1. dont have knex 2. nobody sells knex where i live 3. too complex... lego is better
tech-king9 years ago
how about an air gun? plenty on this site.
coolz (author)  tech-king9 years ago
Juklop9 years ago
Take a gander at these guns.

coolz (author)  Juklop9 years ago
"Guns" is slang for your biceps in some parts of the world.
coolz (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
i want the ones with firepower
Yeah, but you seemed confused at juklop's comment.
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