more flexibility with authoring Instructables

Is there a way to put images in the middle of text in a instructable step?  I seem to only be able to put the images at the top.  That's not very useful.

There's no way to drag and drop an image where you want it.

There also doesn't seem to be any html tag option - it seems Instructable go rid of that button, although I see Instructables from people that tell are using that button.  What's going on?


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Arizno3 years ago

Ya I just became pro and I all of a sudden see that feature. Nice. Better than their sub par wysiwyg.

makendo3 years ago

Use the button marked </>

Usual markup to get images into text.

electronichamsters (author)  makendo3 years ago

I've read about the famed </> button. But I don't have that button available. Is this a bug?

Here's a screen shot of the EDIT view of one of my Instructables. As you can see, no </> button. There is nothing to the left of the Paragraph button. Am I missing something?


maybe it is a secret pro-only feature?

electronichamsters (author)  makendo3 years ago

Can an Instructable staff confirm whether this is a pro feature?

I have the </> button available, and I am pro.