motor control with TDA1085 circuit scemtics please?

as above looking for help designing a circuit around this chip I have plenty of datasheets but can't find any schematics besides those in said datasheet

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anyone have any ideas whether the previously posted schematic is any good?
I found this schematic:
is it any good?
couple of Q's though
1. can I skip the bridge rectifier and 20mH inductor and just run the motor AC? don't fancy trying to make an inductor
2. can anyone read the value of the zener diode ZD on the left side looks like 8.2V?
3. any changes required for 110V operation? I believe this circuit was designed for 220V in the U.S.
4. anyone know where I can source a 50m ohm 7W shunt for R11?
pmills4 (author) 4 years ago
as I stated at the start I'm looking for a schematic other than the ones in the datasheets as they do not detail the resistor networks for the speed and ramp setting. also 'm having trouble working out how to adjust it for 110v operation I want to run this circuit off a site transformer.
oh and what is the 50m ohm shunt resistor for?
Everything you need is in the datasheet. The equations are clearly given.

For example:
When VCC is reached, the excess of current is derived by another
dropping resistor R10 and by Pin 10. These three resistors must be
determined in order:
• To let 1.0 mA flow through Pin 10 when AC line is minimum and VCC
consumption is maximum (fast ramps and pulses present).
• To let V10 reach 3.0 V when AC line provides maximum current and
VCC consumption is minimum (no ramps and no pulses).
• All along the main line cycle, the Pin 10 dynamic range must not be
exceeded unless loss of regulation.
An AC line supply failure would cause shut down.
The double capacitive filter built with R1 and R2 gives an efficient
VCC smoothing and helps to remove noise from set speeds. other words, its close to bomb-proof. 110V operation won't faze it at all.
Hi I'm the O/P just made an actual account rather than using my facebook account still confused how do I find VCC and the AC max min values? been awhile since I tried to work from only datasheet and no other material
AC max and min depends on your intended market. In Europe, we have a nominal supply by law of 230V +6 /-10%, start there.
Orngrimm4 years ago
Page 7 of the datasheet @ is an example.

Do an image-search for "TDA1085 schematic" on google which yields another bunch of designs...
I found a basic application circuit in the data sheet