mr yuk outside PA

hey guys in my mr yuk group, tell me if you are from outside PA and you still know who mr yuk is.

Picture of mr yuk outside PA
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im from holland and i know mr yuk from mw2:
instruct39 (author)  dr. richtofen6 years ago
cocoaloco6 years ago
i in MD and in elementry school they handed those stickers out :D
i stuck them on all kinds of things that i judged worthy of the power of yuck
such objects included:
the wall, the computer, a banana, myself, houseplants, ect.
instruct39 (author)  cocoaloco6 years ago
haha! cool, glad to know such a good invention is spread outside PA
instruct39 (author) 6 years ago
haha, didnt realize i didnt publish this until now :P
When I was growing up in North Dakota, we had Mr. Yuk. I remember one day in second grade when they passed out the stickers and told us to take them home to our parents to put on our toxic cleaning products, etc.

I don't think my mom ever used them, and anyway I never felt compelled to eat dish soap or Ajax, so I survived childhood regardless.

I can still remember the commercials that aired at the time. " Mr. Yuk is mean, Mr. Yuk is GREEN!! Ha Ha Ha...." It showed kids getting into chemicals and getting sick.
instruct39 (author)  LargeMouthBass6 years ago
cool! my sister is doing a project on poisons and she used this as part of it, and she also found the song.
nfk116 years ago
im in TX and i know
instruct39 (author)  nfk116 years ago
cool, did you join?
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