what music do all of you people listen to? techno/trance/rap/pop/rock/metal/country?

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considering my username, you might know what i listen to. been listening to the Beatles since i was 5, so ive been loving them for 8 years now. i also love japanese pop, blue oyster cult, and incidental music. (meaning whatever is in movies. like john williams, joe hisaishi, and akira ifukube
Eden Derek4 years ago
ost and classic
elton294 years ago
onrust4 years ago
disco rules
nurdee15 years ago
Rock Rock and More rock and a little bit of softer metal.
euro1206 years ago
I like R&B and pop.
The ironman6 years ago
pop cant be beat
ploomus6 years ago
Classic Rock is best, I also really like Funk, Reggae, Oldschool Hip-Hop/ House, Alternative and probably much more. Basically mostly oldschool music.
I found out that mainly all the music from GTA SA radiostations is really good.

Here's what i'm listening at the second: You Dropped A Bomb On Me
happyjo6 years ago
I like pop and R&B. I dislike country and heavy metal.
KentuckySam7 years ago
Hardcore and christian rock
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