my TRUE SEMI-AUTO knex gun

i maked a semi-auto gun outta knex and i migth post it it... :D it works with a hammer pushed back with the trigger when the trigger is pulled it will pull the hammer back and the green rod will fall in and then when the trigger is realised it will fire i will post it as soon as i get a camera :) (thats why i don got pics lol)

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Neo110 years ago
hurry up and post it
ryan knexer (author) 10 years ago
i have the pictures but i only need to upload them
ryan knexer (author) 10 years ago
yay im gonna make the instructable tommorow!
its tomorow where is it
ryan knexer (author) 10 years ago
sounds like mepain's semi
which is highly in accurate due to the crap magazine.but still the whole semi auto thing is kl.
ryan knexer (author) 10 years ago
does he have posted a semi-auto?